Internet Hits

by Dusty Tears (2017)



released July 6, 2017

Shane de Leon and Jamie Smith

Recorded at Dang Headquarters, Louisville, CO
and at Animal People, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Andy Brown at the Alchemy Lab, Portland, OR
Cover Art by Jason Jam
Photo by Dona Laurita Fotografia
Starbage music, ascap and Dangheadquarters music, bmi
Released by Silber Records


all rights reserved



Shane de Leon Billings, montana

This page collects the artistic output of Shane de Leon. His drawings, paintings, printwork and different musical projects.

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Track Name: Turning Seventeen
Turning Seventeen in the media blitz
Tethered to my tablet racking internet hits.
Track Name: The Cobra Den
Every Time I come to you
You're always talking about change
But I don't know if it's good or not
No More

You're speaking my language
Open up your heart and I understand what you say

She did it for the people
She didn't do it for the money
You'd rather take the dollars
Shoot, Shout, and Holler
You got your guns at midnite
leading towards the good fight

You're in the Cobra Den
You might not make it out again
Pack your bags
You're gonna stay and nest

Welcome back to the Cobra Den
You might never ever leave again
Kick back and nest
Blow Smoke right out your chest
Track Name: Gold Chains and Acne
It was all White boys and Hip hop
Crookt hats and acne
White boys and fat girls
Bad teeth, gold chains, and acne

The coldest break up I ever had
Damn, it was good though.

For my taggers
For my taggers
Give that city certain swagger

Throw ups on the walls
Handstyles on the stalls
Mops and drops and pens and cans

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